Cost of Carrying Skis on Flights

Cost of Carrying Skis on Flights - How To Lower Them

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

If you love skiing or of you’re a professional skier, you might travel with your skis. Sure taking them aboard an airplane is both inconvenient, and can be expensive. Read on if you want to learn what to do to lower the cost.

Your starting point for finding out how much you must pay, learn about the airline’s policy regarding the luggage allowance. Include this fee in the plane’s ticket.

Your next step is to find out about storage possibilities for your skis and then having them shipped to your location. There is one such company in Switzerland, and their offer might sound like a bargain compared to the plane ticket price.

Some tour operators for charter flights offer one free piece for checked in luggage. The luggage can’t weigh more than 20 or 23 kg. Val d’Isere chalet specialist YSE offers to carry your skis free of charge. British Airways will have your skis aboard for free if there is no other checked-in luggage. Additionally the ski bag can’t be longer than 190 cm either.

Helvetic also offers to carry your skis for free and you can include your boots in the bag as well. However you can’t have a checked-in suitcase, and if it’s heavier than 20kg you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. Some airlines have a sports equipment policy that allow these items to fly free. Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red is one airline that implemented this policy.

As you can see size matters when it comes to your precious skis. Having the airline carry the skis for free is not impossible, and it can’t get cheaper than this. It is best to get informed on policies, prices, and options to make the decision for your budget.