Air Travel and Families

Air Travel and Families - What Precautions To Take- 10 Tips

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

For those getting ready to travel, especially with their families there are several precautions that can help along the way. Many times we don't stop and think about these health concerns until we have already been hit with the illness or trouble. With that in mind, let us further help you with our 10 tips, which could prove to be beneficial.

Tip 1: Carry all your medications in a separate carry on bag. You want to be certain that you clearly mark all the labels, and ensure you have enough of your medication to last for the entire trip. Packing extra in the event your trip is going to be delayed can prove to be essential.

Tip 2: Be sure your wearing your Id bracelet, or necklace if you, or one of your family members has a chronic medical condition. In addition, you will want to have your doctors details, and any medications you currently take, written and carried on you at all times. Thinking ahead in case a medical emergency arises, could actually save you or your family members life.

Tip 3: Take necessary steps to help avoid any dehydration complications. When traveling in the air, this type of air gets very dry quickly. For that reason, ensure the entire family is drinking plenty of water, and if possible avoid alcoholic drinks.

Tip 4: Many times people will experience jet lag symptoms after a long flight. To help avoid this, try to get plenty of rest the night before your ready to travel. Eat a well balanced meal, but at the same time do not overeat.

Tip 5: Sometimes when flying a some individuals might experience ear pain. To help avoid this, you could try taking a decongestant, before boarding the airplane. Furthermore, swallowing often, and chewing gum can provide some relief, if done before the ear pain starts to occur.