Problems Might You Encounter In The Hotel

What Top 10 Problems Might You Encounter In The Hotel And How To Avoid Them

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

When on vacation there are a number of problems that you may encounter, some of which can or cannot be avoided. We have made a top ten list of problems, which you may run into and give you some ways on how to avoid them. This in turn will help your stay more enjoyable and avoid problems before they arise.

Number 1. Probably the number one problem at hotels is noise. Sometimes this cannot be avoided unless you switch hotels, the trouble is the hotel isn't going to tell you upfront about construction work while your booking. When phoning the hotel try to call during working hours, and pay attention to background noise, you should also ask if there is any local construction work going on.

Number 2. Another common problem people complain about is being overcharged. You will get a price on your room, but you should inquire as to the total amount including taxes and fees. Extra charges that are not mentioned when booking can be frightfully scary when you eventually get the final bill.

Number 3. Do not use the mini bar. Mini bars are usually stocked with plenty of drinks, they are small, so many people tend to use them a lot and the prices can be huge. Most mini bars have censors in them, so even if you just move an item but don't drink it you may still be charged, be sure to check the final bill even if you haven't used the mini bar.

Number 4. Over tipping is another big complaint, this is due to the fact that many hotel services charge 10% or more in gratuities, and if you tip a waiter or cleaner you could be tipping twice. Be sure to check when booking to see if this is put on your bill automatically. This is avoidable, but many people don't think to check and only realize when they get their final receipt.

Number 5. Car parking is again another complaint due to over charging, especially in major cities. Some hotel car parks can be as high as $25 or more per day. Also some have valet services which means more tipping, you can avoid this by inquiring when booking, as you can sometimes get free parking by using certain credit cards, or if you are a member of certain associations like AARP.