How to compare Flight options

How to compare Flight options

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

The internet has made a tremendous amount of information available on airline tickets.  But with this opportunity comes a totally separate issue - too much information (not the stereotypical TMI but just an overwhelming amount of data that can leave you more confused than ever). To work our way through this we need to be clear on the type of airline tickets we’re looking for. Before we can assure ourselves we are getting the best value for our travel dollars, we need ot be able to organize and plan out our research.

First Step

First off you need to be clear on your travel plans. The key points for comparing your airline tickets are your travel destination (international or domestic and whether you are going to a central airline hub or a more remote area) and of course how much you want to spend compared to comfort and convenience of your travel plan (do you fly direct, or connect through several destinations). And of course your travel dates will make a significant difference - if you have flexibility in your travel dates you will have more flexibility in scoring great airline ticket prices when you begin your ticket search.

Second Step

You will want to take advantage of the best times to search for bargain priced airline tickets. Travel experts agree that Wednesday mornings are the best time to look in most cases. Why?  Because that’s when airlines will put up their unbooked seats up for sale prices from the previous weekend through Tuesdays.

Step 3

You will want to make best advantage of websites that collect or aggregate ticket prices. The biggest travel search engines collect information on as many as a thousand or more flights continually . SOme of these websites are, and  Keep in mind that no one of these website is all inclusive when it comes to bargain tickets so to make the most of your search, you will want to use several of these sites for a more complete picture.

Fourth Step

If you have some flexibility in your travel schedule then expand your searchj dates to increase your likelihood of finding that perfect airline ticket deal. Can you go a day or so earlier, or a day or so later on your trip. This flexibility could save you a tidy sum on your airline ticket purchase.  Also consider expanding your search to outlying airports for even greater chance of finding those bargain priced airline tickets. Expanded searching will greatly improve your odds of finding your best bargain ticket price.

Fifth Step

Now we are going to focus in more closely to find those deals.  How you ask - by looking at the specific airline websites.  Yes it is possible to find tickets at better prices on the actual airlines website. From time to time airline tickets will be cheaper there or they may have special deals available like upgrades or different options. And of course if you are participating in frequent flyer program, this will get you that benefit too.  This can contribute to extracting maximum value from your travel dollars.