The Best Ways to Book a Flight

The Best Ways to Book a Flight

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Flying continues to increase in popularity as a means of getting to more distant and not so distant destinations whether it's for business, pleasure or a bit of both. Airplanes provide by far the easiest means of transportation in getting you from point A to point B particularly with distant destinations. You will however need a ticket for that flight before you can take a single step onto your winged chariot. Each alternative for booking your flight has some pros and cons.

The Travel Agent Option
This alternative removes the stress of booking your flight tremendously. In speaking with them, they'll be able to inform you which flights are available and fit into your schedule, call the respective airline if required and they will do the actual booking of the airline ticket for you. Most travel agents are extremely helpful, but remember that they are offering you a service and not are not working for free. In almost all cases getting a travel agent to book your ticket will be more expensive than other options you might choose. So if you don't have the patience for dealing with the potential frustrations of booking your ticket yourself and you are not overly sensitive on spending a bit extra booking through a travel agent could be your best choice.

Booking Your FLight Online
If you are comfortable with online purchasing and booking and you are looking for choice in your flight, online booking is certainly an option. The major travel booking websites like Travelocity, Priceline and Expedia enable travellers to input details of their travel such as begin and end destination as well as the dates you want to travel. Based on the information you provide, these websites will return a list of flight choices for your chosen date. In some cases you could even be offered the choice of nearby cities if there are cheaper flights available. Although booking fees do apply, they are usually inexpensive, and your overall ticket costs are usually still among the cheapest. So booking your airline ticket from the comfort of your home can be a solid option for you.

Booking Directly With The Airline
Similarly to online booking, you can book directly with a specific airline through their own website to look for available flights fitting your schedule. This of course is a popular choice for people taking advantage of a specific airline's frequent flier program. It is even possible to find flights on the airline's site that have not been distributed to online booking websites yet. And of course it is also possible to get tickets cheaper directly from the airline. One useful time saving strategy is to check online bookings sites for tickets that fit your travel schedule and then go to the specific airlines website to see if you can get the ticket at an even better price.