Airport Security

Airport Security

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Airport security constantly changes, and travelers need to keep in touch with the new information. The first rule that had never changed is the need to provide identification information before boarding on the plane. This usually includes passports or in some cases, the permanent resident card.

Another thing you should be careful with is packing. You will make things easier for yourself at the checkpoint if you avoid carrying large electronics such as computers. Pack smart, and only take the things you truly need on your trip. The smartphones or other small devices can be stored in a carry-on bag, and will be inspected together.

If you are bringing gifts to your family and friends, do not wrap them. The security may need to see the items before you board, so leave them unwrapped until you are on the plane.

It is also important to be aware that some objects are not allowed on the plane. These include sharp objects such as knives, razors, or anything similar. Guns and explosive materials are also on the prohibited list. Make sure that your favorite scent and other necessities are travel size. If you are unsure of whether something will be accepted or not, it is generally best to leave it at home.

In some cases, the passengers can be asked to get a pat-down. This procedure is an alternative to imaging technology screenings, but can also be used if anomalies of any kind are encountered. The pat-downs are not a very common occurrence, and you will probably not receive one if the metal detectors didn't go off. Remove your jewelry before getting screened, just to be on the safe side.

Make sure to check all the security rules before boarding on a plane, as to avoid unpleasant situations that could delay your flight.