Romantic Escapes

Top 10 Tips On Romantic Escapes - Where To Go, What To Do

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Many couples often look for romantic escapes for their vacation. Often though it can be hard to locate the perfect destination because of crowded beaches and so forth. For that reason, we have compiled this top ten tips list to show you where you can go, and what you can do for a really romantic trip.

Number 1. Maui is an excellent choice because it's not too busy but not too quiet. Here you can explore the worlds largest dormant volcano, or you can relax, and watch the hula dancers, maybe even try a little hula with your partner. You could also swim alongside the turtles in the clear blue warm waters, there are five different species of turtle here.

Number 2. Kauai is another island in the Hawaiian area, but is even more targeted towards couples, probably one of the most romantic places on earth. With chocolate colored sandy beaches to glorious sunsets it doesn't need to run of the mill tourist traps to entice people here, and there are some areas that can only be explored on foot as there are only two highways. Kauai have noticed the natural romantic attraction here, and prices can be high during peak season, so check before booking, of course though, you can't put a price on love.

Number 3. The U.S. Virgin Islands has three islands all worth a visit, but it depends on what you want, if you want a more secluded vacation then St. Croix. would be the island of your choice, whereas St.Thomas would be more for adventure. St.John is more tranquil, almost in between the other two, or you could choose to visit all three islands. The best time to visit here is April, and May as rates are lower, and you will miss the wet, sticky summer.

Number 4. Key west is a great destination for couples who want to just relax together, and basically chill out from all the rest of the worlds stresses. Key west is really the kind of place to just stroll along the beach hand in hand, and romantic dinners in the evening. If, you want to do more you can visit Ernest Hemmingways old residence, a museum or aquarium, then sit back on the beach and enjoy a margarita, it's a real take it at your on pace kind of place.

Number 5. Aspen is the perfect winter vacation spot for couples looking for a romantic escape. The main attraction here is obviously the skiing, but there is so much more than that with breathtaking mountain backdrops with mountain chalets ideal for cuddling up in the evenings. There are also museums and galleries. There are some high end shopping, and accommodation here which are frequented by the rich and famous.