Booking the Best Airplane Seat

Booking the Best Airplane Seat

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Booking the best airplane seat is definitely one of the things that makes a flight more enjoyable. When flying long distances, a comfortable seat will make you feel less tired and grumpy when you land. But, how can you get good seats on a plane?

You can start off by joining a flier program. The more you travel, the better seats you will get after you build a reputation. This method is easy and reliable, so you may want to choose an airline and stick to it for most of your trips.

Another idea is purchasing your tickets way ahead. Many companies offer the tickets for sale with weeks before the flight, and you can also use the online check-in system. This will give you the chance to pick the seat you want.

If you usually travel by economy class, you have the option of upgrading for better seats. This be done by paying an additional fee. The upgraded seat will provide more leg space, but you can also choose a window seat. Call your airline and ask what services they offer, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Make sure to select the seat you want when you book the flight. You will have more options to choose from, and you can easily get the best seat on the plane. In this case, you may want to arrive extra early at the airport in order not to lose your seat. If the seat you planned to get seems taken on the website, call the airline directly and ask them. Sometimes, the information you find online is not up to date.

If everything else fails, ask for seat openings at the airport. People sometimes cancel their flights and you could get their seat instead.