How to Find the Best Airfare Deals

How to Find the Best Airfare Deals

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Airfare deals come and go quickly in today’s volatile airline marketplace.  Staying on top of fluctuating ticket prices can be a challenge.  To help you do just that here are some tips that could save you some cash on your airline tickets.

Airfare Alerts Can Save You a Bundle

Alerts can save you both time and money.  If you search travel sites for ones that offer airfare alerts you can sign up for them and have them do the work for you by sending the updates on airfare deals directly into your email inbox . These alerts can be set up a number of different ways including deals from a specific airport origin, deals to specific destinations, or combination of city of origin and destination. You can set up the alerts to arrive in your inbox daily or weekly. And most sites that offer tickets offer some form of alert service.                

How About Selecting an Alternate Route

If you find that there are just no deals coming up for your destination, how about looking for an alternate route.  In some cases you can find extremely good prices for nearby locations and by using a two step route you can keep some serious savings in your pocket. It is possible to find absolute loss leading type deals saving you significant amounts as much as even eighty to ninety percent.  Keep in mind the risks though. If overseas flights are delayed or cancelled you may responsible airline carrier may be difficult to buttonhole for any costs to get you back on track.  You will want to ensure you have enough leeway in your connection time to accommodate for unexpected events. You may even want to spend a day or so in your connection city - for the adventurous traveller, this can be a bonus.

Be Flexible

If you are a serious travel junkie and don’t have to be too particular in your destination, consider this, rather than starting your journey with a destination in mind, try planning your trip around the very best airline price deals. You can use travel booking sites to help you find the very best deals by searching through by lowest fares.  You can even set up a an alert on some of the airline ticket booking sites and have the ongoing updates for the best seat prices sent directly to your very own email inbox.
So if you are trying to save to save some money on your airline tickets be sure to try some of these tips and keep on scouring those website and the ticket deal alerts for the very best airline ticket deals to save yourself some travel dollars. .