Air Travel And Pregnancy

Top 10 tips For Air Travel And Pregnancy

  • By Nikki B
  • Travel Tips
  • 07.09.2016

Many women may worry about traveling by air during pregnancy, but it indeed can be a worry free event if you prepare ahead of time. Women can travel by air during any trimester without problems although there are some recommended guidelines you can follow that will make your air trip even more comfortable. Having said that ,we have put together our top ten tips for air travel and pregnancy, so lets get started.

Tip 1: If possible time your travel during your second trimester. Morning sickness will not be as much of a problem than in the first trimester. The third trimester you will more likely become more fatigued than in the other two trimesters.

Tip 2: Be sure to book your air travel before the 36 week period of your pregnancy. Most doctors and airlines will be restrictive after this period. This is due to the farther you are into your pregnancy the higher the risks can be for complications.

Tip 3: During long flights try to book an aisle seat. During long flights pregnant women should stand up and stretch and walk where possible every 30 minutes. Doing this can help to avoid any blood clots to form in the legs by sitting too long in one position. In addition, you will want to carry yourself a water bottle, This can help you to ensure that your keeping your body hydrated, and can help to avoid any type of motion sickness, or lightheadedness that you might develop if your body becomes dehydrated to fast.

Tip 4: Carry a copy of your prenatal records whenever you travel by air. This helps prevent many delays during an emergency. It is always safer to be prepared for emergencies. In addition, for those that might have other medical conditions like, high blood pressure, or diabetes, then having a list of those medications along with any medicines in their proper container and labeled could prove essential should the need arise to have the medical team administer them to you.

Tip 5: Use bottled water and make sure meats are cooked thoroughly. When traveling abroad, travelers diarrhea can be common. This is caused by sometimes eating fruits and meat not cooked properly, this can lead to dehydration. Try to stay away from raw fruits and vegetables for your meals while on the plane, instead pack your own healthy snacks and ask ahead of time if you can bring them aboard.