With so many various choices available when it comes time to go on a winter vacation it can get confusing. The best way to choose is to have a checklist of the things you would like to do, and have several destinations available to choose from. We have put together a top ten list of winter travel destinations of where to go, and what to do to help you get started.

Number 1. One of the most extravagant places to travel to is the beautiful destination of Sydney, Australia. Whether you have kids, or not this place has something for everyone, including singles, couples or whole families. There is jet skiing, or surfing the challenging waves of Bondi Beach for the adventurer. Alternatively for the kids there is Taronga Zoo with over 2,500 animals and more than 300 different species. There is a very lively night-life in Sydney too, as well as the world famous Sydney opera house.

Number 2. Muscat, Oman seems to always be among the top ten destinations for winter travel. The best time to visit this authentic middle eastern destination is between November and March. Winters are mild, and good enough for the plentiful sightseeing of the wonderful architecture of the royal opera house, or the Sultan Qaboos grand mosque. There are also plenty of open beaches with stalls that serve some excellent food. You can also take a trip to the traditional Arabic bazzar in Muttrah Souk which offers spices, handmade jewelry, fabrics, perfumes and more.

Number 3. Queenstown is a remarkable place in that it caters for just about everyone, from couples to adventurers and thrill seekers. Some of the activities here include bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, mountain bike riding, sky diving and even snow-boarding. This is a great place to go if, your thinking of checking off some of the things to do on your bucket list, fine wines, vistas and friendly atmosphere with friendly people make this a great choice.

Number 4. Phuket, Thailand is the largest island in Thailand that has fantastic beaches and a very lively night-life. Scuba diving, and snorkeling in the calm clear waters is a very relaxing experience and the pure white beaches and luxury spa and resorts are making this destination a very popular winter place to take a vacation. Summers are hot and humid here, but winter is extremely pleasant.

Number 5. Miami is yet another popular winter destination due to its climate, vibrant night-life and exotic beaches. The temperature ranges between 17 and 25 during winter making it an ideal winter vacation location. Night-life is abundant, but if you can go for new years even the celebrations are fantastic with firework displays and new years parties. You can visit nightclubs, take a cruise with on board meals, rent bikes and much more.