Not everyone wants to take a vacation and relax and chill out. Many want extreme vacations where they can get their adrenaline pumping, and feel excitement but where to go for extreme vacations? Here is a top ten list of tips for some extreme adventure destinations as well as how to stay healthy on your trip.

Number 1. If you want some extreme snow sports but cant ski, you could dry dog sledding with husky dogs in Lapland in Sweden. This is a village with only 40 residents, and you can choose different tour routes to take the dog sled team with stops at cozy little cottages around the arctic. Health wise the best tip is to take clothing that can withstand below zero temps, good boots and hats.

Number 2. For a real extreme package you could try tornado chasing in the Midwest. There is a team of people called Storm Tours who will give you a guide through storm structure, and how to safely intercept a tornado as well as how to take the best photos. Health safety tip, take an umbrella, not really, seriously though you need to take plenty of changes of clothes, as well as getting waterproof outer clothing, and good waterproof boots and make sure you tell people when to expect you back.

Number 3. Another extreme activity is fighting fires in Florida. The central Florida fire academy has an 8 hour extensive training course, which includes driving a fire truck, and crawling through a smoke filled building as well as rappelling down a three story building into a fire. At the end of the day you will get a traditional fire house meal, there are no real health tips here as the fire department has it all under control.

Number 4. For probably the most unusual extreme package you might want to try like the cosmonauts do, and visit the hydro lab in Russia. There are some requirements, the main one being you need to have some scuba diving experience. Once that is taken care of, then you’ll be able to try out the weightlessness of a neutral buoyancy tank 12 meters deep, you’ll be assigned a series of tasks to complete while down there. Safety and med teams are always on standby.

Number 5. The Caribbean island of Dominica has a great extreme vacation where you can literally swim just 20 feet above a live volcano. Feel the bubbles under you from the 82 degree water, and hope this thing doesn’t erupt. Always make sure your with someone when swimming as anything can happen at short notice.