Number 6. While talking about extreme vacations we thought we’d throw this one in, . This one will get your adrenaline flowing for sure with an average of 8 to 30 sharks per dive, and you even have the option of getting out of the cage, would you dare? Not sure about health, and safety tips here, maybe a band aid or two, seriously these guys really know what they are doing and will keep you safe.

Number 7. Polar Circle is another extreme vacation package whereby you can disembark ship onto a zodiac to get to the mainland, and visit glaciers close up. Weather can be extreme here too with biting winds, but what you see makes it all worthwhile. Make sure to take very warm clothing, outer clothing should be capable of below zero temps as well as boots, and underneath wear lots of layers to trap warm air.

Number 8. A Gorilla Safari is a different extreme vacation you may want to consider. With less than 700 left in the wild Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, this is the best chance you have to see one, these are generally four day safaris. Check for immunizations or vaccinations before leaving.

Number 9. For the skier, there is a sport becoming more and more popular, heli skiing. Alaska is one of the best areas for this, whereby the ride up by helicopter is as much fun and adrenaline as the ride down, promises of untouched slopes never before touched could be your extreme dream come true. Recommended to take layers of clothing. and sunglasses to protect reflection of the sun on snow.

Number 10. Mount Everest summit climb is a very expensive extreme vacation, and no guarantee to actually summit. There is a cheaper version where you can make the trip to base camp with awesome views. Make sure you pack energy drinks, and protein snacks for the climb, also be sure to take a medicine kit and phone.

When it comes to extreme vacations this list probably has at least two you’ve never tried, or even heard of. For those of you who love the adrenaline rush instead of taking it easy, this list should give you some new ideas. Finally, using some of these suggestions here could make for your next vacation get away to be one to surely remember years down the road.