If you are looking for place to visit in Sunnyvale, California, check out this list. You will learn more about the city and maybe decide to visit it on your next trip. Sunnyvale receives millions of tourists all throughout the year.

Sunnyvale Farmers Market
The Farmers Market should be on your list of places to visit when you go to Sunnyvale. Here you will find fresh and locally grown produce, as well as a large variety of soaps and oils. If you are looking for a gift for a friend, you will surely find it here.

Las Palmas Park
The park offers beautiful views, a natural setting with plants and trees as well as a large dog park. If you took your furry companion on vacation with you, this is the place to go.

Sunnyvale Hindu Temple & Community Center
This gorgeous temple provides all the peace and relaxation you need on a retreat. The temple is decorated beautifully, and its rich history will help you learn more about the city.

Baylands Park
If you are looking for a place to take your family, head over to the Baylands Park for a few hours. The park includes several recreational areas for kids, but also benches and a picnic pavilion where you can eat with your family.

Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum
Maybe you want to visit a museum during your trip to Sunnyvale, so take the time to visit the Heritage Park Museum. The museum offers numerous permanent exhibits, as well as temporary exhibits all throughout the year.

The Lace Museum
Do you want to learn more about fabrics and lace? Then, all you have to do is visit The Lace Museum for a few hours. The museum will teach you more about the history of lace, and the Christmas exhibits will take your breath away.

Serra Park
A quiet walk in the park is always a good idea, so check out the Serra Park whenever you are in need to relax. The Park offers biking opportunities, and you can enjoy your morning here while drinking a cup of coffee.

CJ Olson Cherries
Take the time to learn more about the agriculture in the area with a trip to the CJ Olson Cherries. Here you will get to taste some of the city’s best fruits and produce, but also get info on how they are cultivated.

Sunnyvale Bay Trail
The Bay Trail is one of the most popular attractions in Sunnyvale, and is less crowded than other similar places. If you want to get some fresh air and physical activity without being bothered by other people, check it out.

Sunnyvale Theatre
Perhaps you are in the mood for a show or artistic performance, so go to the Sunnyvale Theatre on a free day. The venue hosts many good quality shows during the week but also on weekends. If you drove here, you should know the venue offers free parking options. After the show, make sure to check out the restaurant for some amazing cuisine options.