The county seat of Monterey County is called Salinas. This county is well known for its vineyards, floral industry and vegetable growers. All these industries are possible thanks to the climate, greatly influenced by the Pacific Ocean. These are possibly the best attractions around the city.

Larger than life art
While out and about in Monterey County you will definitely encounter huge people in various poses depicted either as statues and especially as murals. Artist John Cerney is the author of all of them, and he is well known in the area.

V6 Ranch
Knowing what life on a ranch is like, is difficult for many people living in large cities. This ranch is family owned and it offers the possibility of experiencing just that. Most activities are suitable for many age groups, therefore come here with your family.

Oldtown Salinas
This is an outdoor area where one can virtually find everything they need or want. There are many boutiques and restaurants to be found here as well as theaters for those who like to watch movies on a really big screen.

The Farm
The Farm is both an educational and an agricultural center that offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. There are about 30 different crops growing here, all of them are organic certified. Farm tours, hayrides and pie tasting are just some of the exciting stuff to look forward to.

Pinnacles National Park
President Theodore Roosevelt named this park a National Monument in 1908. Today it serves as a good place for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, birding, camping, and even rock climbing. There are also caves here waiting to be explored.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
This is an amusement park offering many different types of rides and reasons to get excited for what’s next. It has thrill, water, family, and kids rides, 3 roller coasters, shops and restaurant. What can you ask for more?

Veteran’s Memorial Park Trail
Do you want a place to hike, go camping, or one where you can play some basketball? This park has enough space for all of these activities, and possibly a few more so you could go check it out.

Monterey Zoo
This zoo used to train animals for use in movies, TV commercials and other similar activities. Today it is an animal sanctuary and its residents don’t participate in the entertainment industry, but help educate the visitors instead.

Steinbeck Museum
This museum is dedicated to author John Steinbeck who won a Nobel Prize. Visitors can see personal artifacts and original manuscripts belonging to this author, for a better understanding of his work. Other authors and artists are also hosted here.

Boronda Adobe History Center
This is a dwelling that dates back to the mid 19th century, but it is now restored. There is a museum here that talks about the history of California and early Salinas. A few other historic buildings can be seen here as well, so the trip should be interesting enough for everyone.