Maybe you are looking for the top attractions in Pasadena, so check out this list for more info. Pasadena is a cool city in Texas, and the hot weather as well as many attractions make it a perfect family destination.


Armand Bayou Nature Center

This natural place is free to visit, so you can enjoy spending some hours admiring the views, engage in outdoor activities like hiking or even fishing. The Nature Center is also a perfect spot for birdwatching.


iT’Z Pasadena

This entertainment center for children is the perfect setting on a rainy day. here your kids can play the latest video games, but also develop their skills by engage in one of the fun and educational programs. The center offers attractions for both kids and adults.


Pasadena Little Theatre

This small theatre hosts a variety of performances and good quality shoes you should check out. The Little Theatre also includes a snack bar, just in case you get hungry after watching a play.


Painting With a Twist

If you want to learn how to paint just like a pro but also have fun, go to the Painting With a Twist with your friends. The center gives you the chance to practice your skills in a fun and friendly setting. In addition to this, you can bring your own foods and drinks with you.


Pasadena Historical Museum

Maybe you want to learn more about Pasadena’s rich past, and in that case you should visit the Historical Museum. The museum offers various exhibits related to history, and some seasonal ones are available too. The entrance is free, so you gather your family for a tour of this building.


Strawberry Park

Summer is always fun, but when you get too hot visit the Strawberry Park in order to feel refreshed. The park offers slides and other water related attractions for kids and adults. Furthermore, the park includes an ice cream booth and several eateries.


The Red Door Theatre Company

The Company provides good quality art performances in a casual and family friendly setting. If you have no plans, check out the artists and performances here and you will not leave disappointed.


The Lone Star Club

Tourists who want to experience the nightlife in Pasadena should go to The Lone Star Club on a free evening. Here you will be able to enjoy an original cocktail, listen to the DJ spinning the best songs and have fun in an electric atmosphere.


Timeout #3 Sportsbar

If you are a fan of sports and want to watch your favorite game while drinking a beer, visit the Timeout #3 Sportsbar. The bar is open everyday until late at night, so gather your friends for a night of entertainment.


Two Cities Tequila Bar

The city has a colorful nightlife, so take the time to visit some of its bars. The Two Cities Tequila Bar is one of the best in town, so grab a beer and enjoy the fun while mingling with the locals here. The bar also hosts private events, and it can make a good venue for a birthday party.