Maybe you are interested in the Colorado attractions for your next vacation, so check out the top 10 places to see in this city. Lakewood is a small town, however its natural parks and creeks make it a great destination for family trips.


Bear Creek Lake Park

This park is the ideal outdoor destination for everyone who visits Lakewood. Tourists are provided with a campground where they can backpack, and you can also practice some of your favorite activities like fishing. In addition to this, the park’s fresh air gather numerous guests every week.


Colorado Mills

If you need to get some shopping done or are in the mood to buy a new item, Colorado Mills is your best bet. This large mall features most of the world’s best brands when it comes to apparel as well as food. If you get tired, sit down at one of the restaurants and enjoy some good food. The mall contains outlets as well, and you might just get the deal you were looking for.


William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

If you want to experience mountain hiking, check out the beautiful Hayden Green Mountain Park. The serene and tranquil atmosphere here will make you want to return the next day. The park has a rich history behind it, so take the time to experience it for yourself.


Kendrick Lake Park

Lakewood is full of gorgeous parks, and Kendrick Lake Park is another one you may want to experience for yourself. The park provides many attractions including boating, fishing and canoeing.


Lakewood Heritage Center

The Heritage Center will help you learn more about Lakewood in a relaxed environment. You can take a tour of the area, so remember to bring your camera along for some great pictures.


Crown Hill Park

This beautiful oasis in the middle of the city will take your breath away, so visit it whenever you have some free time. The park includes gorgeous flowers, plants and trees, and biking opportunities are offered here.


Carmody Recreation Center

If you want to get relaxed and maybe visit an indoor pool, head over to the Carmody Recreation Center for a few hours. The facility is clean and ready to use, and you can swim here while relaxing after a day of sightseeing.


Addenbrooke Park

This large park is located in the downtown area of the city, and the spacious setting makes it perfect for morning walks. Take some hours off your day to experience nature at its best with a trip to this park.


Great Frontier Brewing Company

Maybe you want to have a few drinks in the evening, so check out the Great Frontier Brewing Company. The beers available here satisfy any requirements and taste, and the friendly setting is something most tourists will enjoy.


Bear Creek Greenbelt

If you are a passionate rider, or you simply want to view the amazing animals that reside in this place, go to Bear Creek Greenbelt. This natural area looks wonderful in pictures, and makes for a great family day trip as well.