Frisco is a city found really close to both Dallas and Fort Worth. Frisco has its own attractions even though there is easy access from it to these big cities. Here are some of the entertainment in Frisco.


National Videogame Museum

There are many people out there that love playing video games. Having a museum dedicated to this hobby should be on their list of places to see. This museum has more than 100,000 video games on various media as well as other related material.


Sci- Tech Discovery Center

This center wants to inspire people as well as help children develop their skills when it comes to advanced science, technology and even math. Everyone of all ages and of all occupations is welcomed to challenge themselves.


Historic Downtown Frisco

Locals come here for many reasons, and one of them is the Frisco Farmers’ Market that was opened in 2007. The market operates on Saturdays from May to October. Visitors can buy fresh and delicious produce grown locally, as well as art and crafts, and other types of items.


Plantation Golf Club

This golf club was created by Richard Ellis with the purpose to be used for championships. Even so, everyone of all skill levels is welcomed here to challenge themselves and improve. There are 18 holes with beautiful landscaping waiting for you, so make sure to also bring your camera along with your golf equipment.


Black Box Theatre

North Texas has just a few black box theatres, and the one in Frisco is one of them. There are many types of activities taking place here as well as many performances that can be attended by about 120 guests at a time.


Frisco Lakes Golf Club

Golf is a sport that many people find both relaxing and challenging. Gary Stephenson Golf Design created this 18 hole course for all skill levels. The course here is regularly used for championships. Half of the course is nested in the community while the other half snakes through the countryside.


Frisco Heritage Museum and Center

This center explores the history of Frisco through a diversity of historic buildings opened to visits. These buildings include a 1895 house and a log cabin, and all of them are filled with artifacts, photographs and educational displays.


Hall Office Park

There are two things setting this park aside from others: it is well maintained and manicured and is dotted with various interesting looking sculptures. Who doesn’t like to walk and find awesome things to take pictures of?


Texas Sculpture Garden

Discovering new artists is always something exciting especially when their works can be seen for free. This park has displays of sculptures done by various Texan artists and they are set both in and outdoors for everyone to enjoy.


Central Park

This park is a really nice place to go to when you want to relax a bit and just walk while not thinking about stressful things. If you pay attention to the ground, you will definitely find some encouragement or inspiration from the quotes scattered on concrete steps.