When vacationing at sea there is always the risk of getting sick. There are certain steps you can take in order for you to stay healthy at sea, and actually enjoy you cruise. We have put together 10 tips on how to stay healthy at sea, follow these tips and you should be able to have a worry free sea trip.

Tip 1: What should you have in your medicine kit to avoid sea sickness? One of the most common health issues at sea is sea sickness, this is generally caused by the movement of the boat or ship. There are several things you can add into your med kit for this like ginger tablets, promethazin, meclizine or meclizine. There are plenty of shops near the harbor, or even on board that will normally sell sea sickness tablets.

Tip 2: If, you feel sea sickness coming on how can you treat it quickly? There are a few things to try if you start getting this feeling. If it’s possible go outside on deck to get some fresh air, also try to see the horizon, so that you can correct the body’s balance. Also you could try to eat some dry crackers with some water if it’s not too far advanced as this will help to settle the stomach.

Tip 3: Sunburn. This is one of those health issues that creeps up on you, especially if your in the tropics. Most people don’t even realize they have sunburn until it’s too late, and it can be very painful when severe and many can even get sunstroke. Wearing a large brimmed hat helps protect the head and neck, but you should always use a good sun block lotion against the harmful rays, this is especially true with children.

Tip 4: Avoiding the 5lb weight gain. This is not a myth surprisingly, the majority of passengers on a cruise for two weeks will often gain at least 5lbs in weight. This is largely due to the huge spreads, and lavish meals that you can eat and food is plentiful and usually available all times of the day and night. Try to stick to one lavish meal like dinner, and go for the healthier options at breakfast and lunch. You can also use the gym where they have enough exercise equipment for almost everyone on board.

Tip 5: Immunizations. These can be important, especially with children, as you are on a boat with up to 1000 other passengers or more, so contagious illnesses can be caught quite easily. Also check for types of diseases in the particular area you will be visiting. Passengers can easily bring new illnesses on board if, there are stop overs on exotic islands.