When children have to fly alone to visit relatives or maybe going into an exchange program there are concerns about safety. We have put together a Kids Flying Solo Guide-safety 10 tips. Following these tips will help you rest a little easier until your child reaches their destination.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead. This should be the number one priority, double check supplies needed for the child in question. If, there are any special needs the child may have make sure they have the necessary items to cater for those needs. It is the airlines responsibility to get the passenger to their destination but it is also the parents responsibility to take care of that child and its needs.

Tip 2: Inform about Medical Conditions. It is important to tell airport staff of any medical conditions that the child may have. This saves time in the event there is an emergency. Also inquire about this when purchasing your ticket, as the child may be able to get appropriate seating near the flight attendant station.

Tip 3: Document Readiness. It is essential that you make sure your child has the correct documents for the country they are flying to. Make sure visas, and passports are up to date and that they do not expire for at least 6 months. Also check for any special requirements needed for that particular country regarding children traveling alone.

Tip 4: Make the child aware. There may be times where the child traveling alone is very young. In these cases make sure the airport staff and plane personnel are aware of the situation. Also make sure the child is aware of the flight attendants, and that they can approach these staff with any problems they may have from feeling sickly to another passenger that he/she may not be comfortable sitting next to.

Tip 5: Security issues. Try to make sure your child’s name is not anywhere openly visible to others, especially if the child is very young. This prevents unwanted potential threats where someone may pretend to know the child by calling his/her name. Also if the child needs to change planes at some point you may want to hire an escort between gates, this costs a little more but at least you know they will get to where they need to be.