All businesses have an etiquette, and the more luxurious the business, the more people must stick to it. If people want to leave a good impression they will follow the etiquette no matter the business they visit. High class restaurants and hotels are the places where these unwritten rules apply the most. Following them is good for those who want a better service, although in some locations they a better service is not guaranteed by following the etiquette. These are the things that we need to know in relation to hotel etiquette and tipping.

Each hotel employee has a different job, thus should be tipped differently. If you want good service, it is better to tip at the beginning of your stay. This rule usually applies to the concierge, but it can extend to the doorman as well. Tipping at the end of your stay is a means of saying thank you. Don’t be afraid of giving the tip all at once.

Lately more and more hotels use a “no tip policy,” but don’t get fooled by it. The price of the room will include the tip. This policy remove awkward situations when you don’t have bills ready for tipping, or when the employees think they deserve a larger tip. This policy usually doesn’t cover the tour driver. The policy extends to bed and breakfast because business owners are not to be tipped according to the etiquette. Those who are not related to the B&B’s owners must be tipped. Always ask about this policy when booking as to avoid awkward situations.

Always know that the tipping etiquette differs around the world. It is best to get informed on this subject before traveling abroad, and always ask about the expected tips at the hotel you would be staying at.