There are some people out there that like booking their vacations at luxurious hotels. One such accommodation offer comes from Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations in Las Vegas. Perhaps you never heard of this hotel, or you were never sure you want to make a reservation with them. Things might change now if you’ll read these five reasons to pay them a visit.

Lounge by the pool
The pool of any resort or hotel attracts most of the guests there, and this can sometimes translate in a crowded pool. However, if you want to relax, for a few hours without having to talk to anyone, the pool is a great option. You can also swim to your heart’s desire, which can further relax you and cheer you up. What you’ll probably like the most about the pool at Hotel Elara is its size. This pool is simply huge, therefore it will hardly give you the impression it is crowded. Make sure to check out the bar and the grill area too if you get thirsty or hungry.

Go on a tour
Spending your whole day at the hotel can be boring, so why don’t you go out and explore a bit? There are many available tours that offer the possibility of learning something new, so you should check them out. The staff will be more than happy to point you to any of the tours taking place at the time of your visit, so feel free to ask. For instance you can go on a city tour to learn more about Las Vegas, on an air tour, to see it from above, or check one of the dam tours taking place.

Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas
Car racing is super fun and many people of all ages like o participate in one. Th track is not located at Elara, however it is really easy to reach from there. The place became everyone’s favorite pastime when hey had enough gambling or at the end of some of the shows.

Visit The Pinball Hall of Fame
If you miss old pinball games, this is your chance of seeing them. This is a museum dedicated entirely to this game, and you’ll be able to see thousands of such game machines gathered in a single place. The museum covers 10,000 square feet, therefore you know you’ll be spending some time in there. The oldest pinball games date back to the 1950s, and many of them are from the 1960s and 1970s, taking some visitors down a sweet memory lane.

Hold your event here
there is nothing quite like Hilton’s for a party or any other type of event. Elara keeps up and offers the space, a personalized service and can make sue the day goes according o the plan, no matter how fancy or difficult the plan seems. Private parties, galas, soirees, presentations and meetings – all of these can find an appropriate room for development, however you first need to book it. Rest assured that a team of professionals will take care of the rest.