Las Vegas is a city where many people go to either have a quick and small wedding or try and win the big prize at some casino. This is also a show, synchronized swimmers, divers, and more. Make sure to buy tickets in advance, as this is a very popular show.

Visit The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Depending on when you plan your visit, you can see this garden decorated with elements related to the Chinese New Year. In spring, you’ll be able to admire cherry blossoms, in summer you’ll be hit by a series of specific scents while the decor in autumn matches the season in color. The Conservatory is located across the lobby and perhaps one of the most stunning features it has, is the 50 feet tall glass ceiling.

Relax at the spa
There are many people who swear there is nothing quite like a day at the spa. Bellagio has a huge spa, covering an area of 65,000 square feet. One of the best things you could do here is getting a multi entry day pass, as this would be a cheaper way to enjoy the time you spend here. You can try the sauna, one of the 3 hot Jacuzzis or even the cold plunge. Make sure to check out the selection of facial and body treatments meant to pamper you head to toe, and make you feel and look younger and prettier.

Go see how lucky or unlucky you are
Bellagio has is own casino as well, and this is where you can try your your luck at becoming rich overnight. Maybe this won’t happen to you, but you’re still bound to have lots of fun if you don’t overspend. Clearly you can check out the slots, classic table casino games and roulette. Betting is also possible, in the new specially designed area.

Have a meeting here
Perhaps you want to get married, renew your vows, or simply meet with your classmates and catch up while remembering past adventures. Bellagio is a great venue option for all of these events because you have the space, the impressive decors, and even the food covered. All you need is for everyone to show up because all the other details will be taken care of.